The Casapulla Legacy
A Family Tradition For Over 50 Years And 4 Generations

Luigi Casapulla was an Italian immigrant with a great vision and a
greater work ethic. Luigi and his wife Anna (Zampini) had nine children.
In 1956, Luigi bought a neighborhood grocery store in Elsmere, DE.
Since Luigi was working two jobs, he enlisted the help of his children.
About the same time, chain grocery stores were coming to Delaware
and Luigi knew he would need to do something in order to compete. It
was then he added subs & steaks. Through the years, all nine of his
children and all twelve of his grandchildren have worked in the
business. In fact, over 50 years later, three of his children (Andrew,
Louie & Jeanne) ten of his grandchildren and even his great
grandchildren are carrying on the proud tradition.

In 1980, Luigi opened his second location in Hockessin, DE. Again he
had the help of his children and grandchildren. He could be found there
every day until his death in 1985. In 1984, Paula LaPenta (Luigi’s
granddaughter) & her husband Mike brought the tradition to Sussex
county and opened Casapulla’s South. In 1989, Joseph (Luigi’s
grandson) opened Casapulla’s at People’s Plaza, Glasgow, DE and in
1992, David (another grandson) opened Casapulla’s North on Rt. 202,
Wilmington, DE.

In June of 1999, the Hockessin property was sold. Although this was a
hard decision, it allowed Rose, Phil, Joe and Betty (Luigi’s children) to
join their sisters, Vee & Marion, in a much deserved retirement. We are
happy to say that in March of 2006, Annie (Luigi’s granddaughter)
opened Casapulla’s at Red Mill Square, Newark, DE. In
October 2018,
Andrew (grandson) opened Casapulla's Christiana.

We, as a family have been blessed with a wonderful tradition. We thank
you our loyal customers and friends because without you there would
be no story. We look forward to serving you the
original Casapulla's
subs and steaks at one of our seven locations.

2707 Concord Pike
Wilmington DE 19803

Mon - Thurs
9am - 8pm
Fri - Sat
9am - 8pm
12pm - 6pm
Est. 1956